This Is What Happens to Your Body After COVID & The Vaccine

This Is What Happens to Your Body After COVID & The Vaccine

The sad reality is that long after the mask mandates and the shutdowns, the vaccine requirements are little more than a distant memory, and the legacy of COVID-19 and the vaccines will continue to haunt us in the form of the toxic spike protein. 

Despite the governments and Big Tech’s attempts to downplay or censor this information, Dr. Peter McCullough and his team of 50+ doctors at The Wellness Company work each day to treat patients suffering from the effects of the spike protein. Dr. McCullough provides insight into the current state of affairs: 

“It is reassuring to patients suffering from post-COVID or “long-COVID” that it is not all in their heads, the pathophysiology is pointing to the persistence of Spike protein in the blood which is pathogenic and likely driving tissue/organ injury with associated symptoms. 

Because COVID-19 mRNA vaccines further load the body with genetic code and more Spike protein, it is likely that vaccination worsens post-COVID syndromes despite raising antibodies against the Spike protein. I have not found claims that vaccination reduces long-COVID syndromes valid in biased papers that are pushing vaccines.” 

So, what remedies exist to detoxify yourself from spike protein? 

Nattokinase, an enzyme derived from the cheese-like Japanese food “natto,” has caught the interest of the scientific world to combat spike protein. Dr. Peter McCullough’s own research on the substance finds Nattokinase “to be the most compelling and scientifically supported approach to clear Spike protein out of the body via proteolytic degradation.” 

With millions of Americans still not fully recovered from COVID or a COVID vaccination, and spike protein being “shed’ from person to person, Dr. Peter McCullough and his team at The Wellness Company designed an optimized Nattokinase-based supplement, Spike Support, to aid in recovery and mitigate the effects of future infections:

  • Nattokinase to aid with circulation and dissolve spike protein
  • Dandelion for a detoxifying agent and prevent spike protein cellular binding
  • Black Sativa to help facilitate cellular repair
  • Green tea for added defenses at the cellular level through scavenging for free radicals
  • Irish sea moss to help rebuild damaged tissue and muscle


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