The Wellness Company Membership Benefits

Become a Member and gain inside access to an incredible parallel healthcare system.

Find the medical care you've been looking for – with doctors and medical providers outside the influence of Big Pharma.

Combined with a custom collection of scientifically-backed natural products developed and endorsed by our own Chief Medical Board, our Members receive the highest quality of care.

Every day, you will enjoy discounts on all products and medical services that more than offset membership fees – so in essence, a Membership pays for itself.

Plus, you'll enjoy exclusive offers and content from our Chief Medical Team.


Obtain our entire selection of natural products at regular price and enjoy TWC's research and content with standard pricing for virtual care.

Virtual Care – $75.99

Regularly-priced supplements and products

Specials and monthly discounts

Basic Membership

Access discounted virtual care, savings on supplements, and discounted Specialty Telehealth services.

$9.99 per month or
$99.99 per year

Discounted supplements and other products

Discounted Virtual Care – $59.99 per visit

Exclusive Members-only health content from the leading minds in healthcare

Discounts on most Specialty Telehealth services


Access free unlimited virtual care, free TWC supplements each month, and obtain no-cost Freedom from Pharma consults

$199 per month
$349 per month for 2+ people

1 free supplement bottle each month

Discounted supplements and other products

Unlimited free Virtual Care included

Exclusive Members-only health content from the leading minds in healthcare

Discounts on most Specialty Telehealth services

Access to free Freedom from Pharma consults


*Discount Excludes Replenishment and Emergency Kits

Not a member? Access virtual care at standard rates anytime for $74.99 per visit.

Your doctor is waiting.

Get prompt access to a trusted medical provider to treat your illnesses and obtain prescriptions.

1Wellness Members receive unlimited virtual care with our licensed providers at no cost.

TWC Members access discounted care at $63.75 per visit.

Non-members access full-priced care at $74.99 per visit.

Virtual care is currently limited to US residents only.

Get a virtual house call from a trusted provider who shares your values.
Book an appointment and get seen by a medical professional in as little as one hour.
Discounted labs that conveniently arrive to your doorstep.

Enjoy significant savings on our entire line of health products.

TWC and 1Wellness Members enjoy significant discounts every day on our entire line of science-backed natural healthcare products.

Even better, 1Wellness Members enjoy a free bundle of up to 8 supplements of your choosing each month – adding significant value to your 1Wellness membership.

Expert medical analysis on all avenues of treatments - not just Big Pharma's.
Helpful knowledge to keep your entire family healthy and safe.
Uncensored content from experts who believe in science, not just political science.

Gain exclusive knowledge from the best in scientific healthcare.

TWC and 1Wellness Members receive access to exclusive content from the leading independent minds in healthcare and medical freedom, including:


-In-person and virtual event invites

-Chats with our Chief Medical Board

-Daily researched content on all aspects of healthcare

-Uncensored, raw facts and opinion

Formulations are approved by our Chief Medical team.
The perfect blend of science and nature.
Transforming your health from the inside out.

Still have questions?

Our customer service team is some of the best – and are happy to work with you to pick the level of service that's right for you and your family.


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