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Dandelion Root: An Ally in the Fight Against Spike

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global search for effective methods of prevention and treatment for both acute illness and long-haul symptoms. A...
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Could the COVID-19 Spike Protein Be Harming Your Brain?

Despite being primarily a respiratory illness, it became clear early in the pandemic that COVID-19 can also harm the nervous system. In fact, up to...
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Selenium's Role in Combating COVID-19: From Antiviral Activity to Cardiovascular Support

Selenium, an essential micronutrient found in TWC's Spike Support Formula, gained attention for its potential role in treating COVID-19 after a sys...
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How Long Can the COVID-19 Spike Protein Stay In Your Body?

As we grapple with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, much remains to be discovered about the virus, the mRNA vaccines and their long-term eff...
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Nattokinase and Nigella Sativa Extract Show Promise in Treating Pulmonary Fibrosis

Pulmonary fibrosis, a common consequence of COVID-19 [1], is a condition in which a clotting protein called fibrin builds up in the lung’s connecti...
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The Peanut Paradox: How Overprotection May be Making Allergies Worse

Over the past decade, rates of peanut allergies in the Western world have doubled. Until recently, researchers and parents alike have struggled to ...
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7 Simple Fat-Loss Tips That Actually Work

Since 1980, obesity rates in the United States have doubled [1]. According to recent projections, by 2030, one in two Americans will be classified ...
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Nattokinase: Nature's Answer to the Lingering Effects of Spike Protein?

As the world continues to grapple with problems such as long COVID and vaccine side effects, it’s becoming increasingly important to find ways to d...
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