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Sunlight and Skin Health: How to Reap Vitamin D Rewards While Dodging Sun Damage

Summer is not just a season of beach days and barbecues, but a golden opportunity to get your fill of a crucial molecule in which 42% of Americans ...
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Is Sitting Really the New Smoking?

The catchy headline ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ has appeared more than 300 times in the media since 2010. This bold phrase, which was initially ba...
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Time Traveler's Toolkit: The Science of Jet Lag and Strategies to Combat It

Jet lag, the dissonance between our body’s internal clock and a new time zone, can often disrupt the joy of summer travel. In today’s article, we’l...
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Exploring the Psychological Benefits of Cold Exposure

Have you ever been pestered by a well-meaning friend, or perhaps a charismatic Instagram influencer, to take a cold shower (or cold plunge) as a wa...
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A Breath of Fresh Air: How Spending Time in Nature Boosts Our Mental Health

The fact that four in five Americans live in cities [1] might, at first glance, seem rather obvious and inconsequential. But the impacts of the pas...
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Keystone Habits: A Simple Approach to Transform Your Wellness

“Your outcomes in life,” writes author James Clear, are “a lagging measure of your habits.”  This principle applies to just about everything. The a...
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Muscle Matters: The Surprising Link Between Sarcopenia and Chronic Disease

As we age, we lose a startling amount of muscle. The rate of deterioration varies from person to person, but it is estimated that we lose about 1-2...
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Sublingual Immunotherapy: A Safe, Convenient Alternative for Allergy Treatment

Immunotherapy for allergies has been used in medicine for over a century, ever since Leonard Noon first showcased its effectiveness in treating hay...
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