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The Wellness Company

"The Next Wave Is Brave" Foster Coulson

Millions of people have awakened over the past few years from a nightmare in healthcare - a corrupt ecosystem designed to keep patients dependent and physicians beholden to corporations instead of patient care.

We have a solution, and you’re a part of it. The Wellness Company has brought together the brightest minds and bravest hearts in seven unique stories of courage, synchronicity, and hope. The Next Wave is Brave illustrates to the reader the precise journey forward with tangible direction from the authors in the spirit of gratitude for the opportunity of our lifetime. Together, we can restore medical freedom. This book is our blueprint.

Among the world’s most respected doctors are the six voices in this book. Together, they are laying a foundation for a new way of keeping healthy; the future of medicine includes a system of care and accountability between pharmacies, medical schools, outpatient care and telemedicine, and nutraceutical and deprescribing support.

Dr. Peter McCullough 

"The Courage To Face COVID-19" Dr. Peter McCullough

The story of doctors who developed a safe and effective early treatment for COVID-19 and their battle with the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex that suppressed it.

Dr. Drew Pinsky

"Cracked" Dr. Drew Pinsky

In this riveting book, Pinsky reveals the intimate and often shocking stories of his patients as they struggle with emotional trauma, sexual abuse, and a host of chemical nemeses: alcohol, marijuana, Ecstasy, heroin, speed, cocaine, and prescription drugs. At the center of these stories is Pinsky himself, who immerses himself passionately, almost obsessively, in his work.

"The Mirror Effect" Dr. Drew Pinsky

The Mirror Effect sounds a timely warning, raising important questions about our changing culture—and provides insights for parents, young people, and anyone who wonders what the cult of celebrity is really doing to America.

Dr. Julie Ponesse

"My Choice" Dr. Julie Ponesse

In the fall of 2021, Dr. Julie Ponesse saw her academic career of 20 years fall apart after she refused to comply with a Canadian university's COVID vaccine mandate.

This is her account of the battle and its aftermath, written with passion and intelligence. But Dr. Ponesse's story travels beyond the personal and examines the ethical and philosophical dimensions of our pandemic response.

If there is anyone out there who feels alone in the struggle to preserve personal choice and freedom, this book offers some very human advice on how to move forward and makes it clear that your voice deserves to be heard.

Dr. Jim Thorp

"The COVID 19 Vaccines & Beyond" Dr. Jim Thorp

Written by a retired attorney in collaboration with two physicians, this highly-documented book presents an overview of the compelling evidence that paints a very different picture than we've been told regarding certain core issues:

1) was a vaccine ever necessary in the first place to end COVID?
2) are the COVID shots really safe and effective, according to the government's and manufacturers' own data?
3) what is the "big picture" that “all things COVID” fit into, and how does that seriously impact every person on the planet?

This book is not just about data. It also tells a very important story that every American needs to hear.

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