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Is It Safe to Exercise with Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common causes of pain and physical disability in older adults. For years, OA has been framed as a disease ca...
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A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Acute Low Back Pain

Picture this. You’ve just finished dinner, and you’re reluctantly getting started on the dishes. You bend down to load a plate in the dishwasher an...
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Zone 2 Exercise: A Heart Health Habit We Should All Adopt

In a recent article, we explored the science behind how cardiovascular exercise enhances heart health. If you read that piece, you were likely left...
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How Cardiovascular Exercise Protects Your Heart: The Science

Almost a million Americans die every year of heart disease, stroke, or other cardiovascular conditions [1]. While the heart is a remarkably resilie...
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The Science Behind Dr. McCullough's Mito Support Formula

Are you looking to optimize your physical performance, mental clarity, and overall energy levels? Consider Mito Support, a supplement designed by ...
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Sweating the Details: Hydration Strategies for Optimal Health and Performance

Did you know that on average, water accounts for 60% of our bodyweight? We are quite literally made of the stuff. Why? It turns out that all the ch...
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The Science Behind Dr. McCullough's Healthy Heart & Muscle Formula

Maintaining optimal cardiovascular and muscle function is essential for overall health and well-being. Dr. Peter McCullough's Healthy Heart & ...
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How to Double Your Breath Hold with One Simple Technique

Show me how someone breathes, and I’ll tell you how they feel. Is it relaxed and rhythmic? This reflects ease and comfort. Is it shallow and rapid?...
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