Your Wellness Visionaries

Hear Foster Coulson, Founder and Chairman, explain the origins of The Wellness Company alongside the Chief Medical Board.

Read Foster's Annual Letter and learn more about TWC's 2023 continued fight for medical freedom.

Chief Medical Team

Peter McCullough, MD, MPH
Internal Medicine, Cardiology
Chief Scientific Officer

James Thorp, MD
Chief of Maternal & Prenatal Medicine

Harvey Risch, MD, PhD
Preventive Medicine
Chief Epidemiologist

Robert Seik, PharmD
Chief of Integrated Therapeutics

Executive Suite

Peter Gillooly
Chief Executive Officer

Tiffany Parotto
Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan Bonneux
Chief Technology Officer

Lauren Bradford
VP of Legal & HR

Leadership Team

Bobby Geornas
VP of Finance & Analytics

Stacy Williams
Director of Customer Service

Shay Hutchison
VP of Virtual Healthcare

Chris Barron
VP of Media Relations

Dr. Hadar Sophia Elbaz
Director of Eastern & Functional Medicine

Sunit Suchdev
Director of Communications

Kate Davy
Director of Strategic Partnerships

Paul E. Alexander, PhD
Senior Advisor to TWC


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