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Censorship Can’t Stop Truth

YouTube has decided that the truth isn’t something they want on their platform, so it is time to hear from the only public figure with medical auth...
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Trust the “Science”, Safe and Effective. Really?

How do we know it’s safe, let alone effective? The intentionally left-blank product inserts in the Covid 19 vaccine vial packages and the lack of f...
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Bison Liver: Nature's Nutrient Powerhouse for Intermittent Fasting

Elevate your intermittent fasting journey by adding liver to your diet. Your body will thank you for the extra nutrients, and you’ll notice the dif...
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Are Your Genes Putting You at Risk for Blood Clots?

A recent Substack article published by Dr. Peter McCullough brought forth some interesting observations regarding a genetic factor linked to increa...
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A Lifesaver You May Have Never Known You Needed

(We now offer an optional EpiPen in our Emergency First Aid Kit plus. This could possibly save your life in the event of a severe allergic reaction...
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Urinary tract infections are one of the most common infections in the U.S. Sobering statistics such as these prove this: A third of women are diagn...
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Skip the Slump: Stay Energized and Productive All Afternoon

You find yourself yawning, trying to stay awake after lunch. As 2 o’clock rolls around, you find yourself struggling to stay focused and alert. Was...
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The Next Disease X May Be Here, Are You Ready?

Part 1 of a 5-part series Part 1: What are vaccines and adjuvants, are they harmful, history of vaccines and vaccination schedule. Part 2: You took...
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