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Ground Zero on Our Own Soil? The Real Pandemic

Dust off those masks, and roll up your sleeves. Moderna and our government are ready for you! Moderna has enjoyed skyrocketing stocks largely due t...
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2 weeks to Flatten the Curve- Again?

The avian flu has been around for decades. The difference now is that scientists are playing God with our health. In a storyline taken from a poor...
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Profits Over People

The recent bird flu headlines flooding the mainstream media platforms sound eerily familiar to the prior pandemic. Since the narrative worked so we...
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Human Manipulated, Globalist Approved

(Bill Gates had promised that the next pandemic “will get attention this time.”) (The above photo is mallard duck migration patterns from Dr. McCul...
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YOU BETTER HAVE A PLAN: USDA/China Doing Gain-of-Function on Bird Flu Since 2021

If the origins of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China taught us anything, it’s that we should question any government reporting on the origins of viruses. Ind...
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Navigating the Avian Influenza Outbreak: How scared should we be?

As avian influenza makes its periodic appearance on the world stage, the mainstream news is taking this opportunity to sensationalize and invoke fe...
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ON BIRD FLU DR. MCCULLOUGH WARNS: “A Perfect Storm is Brewing”

Dr. McCullough: “Fear Mongering, Food Supply Threat, Virus with a Deadly Past, mRNA Vaccines--A Perfect Storm is Brewing” After warning us for mont...
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