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Keystone Habits: A Simple Approach to Transform Your Wellness

“Your outcomes in life,” writes author James Clear, are “a lagging measure of your habits.”  This principle applies to just about everything. The a...
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Dandelion Root: An Ally in the Fight Against Spike

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global search for effective methods of prevention and treatment for both acute illness and long-haul symptoms. A...
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7 Simple Fat-Loss Tips That Actually Work

Since 1980, obesity rates in the United States have doubled [1]. According to recent projections, by 2030, one in two Americans will be classified ...
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Dr. Peter McCullough Discusses Nattokinase

Intro from Dr. Paul Alexander: Dr. Peter McCullough discusses Nattokinase, I share his potent substack on this important issue & present some r...
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Nightly Rest, Daily Defense: How Sleep Supports Your Immune System

Did you know that sleeping less than 7 hours per night makes you nearly three times more likely to be infected by the common cold than people who s...
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Exercise Boosts Immunity, Reduces Death from COVID-19, Studies Find

America is currently experiencing what some have called a "triple-demic" - several contagious illnesses concurrently circulating in the population....
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Sweating It Out: The Science Behind the Surprising Health Benefits of Sauna Use

Sauna use has soared into mainstream popularity in recent years, largely thanks to wellness influencers like Joe Rogan and Rhonda Patrick singing i...
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Protecting Your Liver

By Dr. Richard Amerling, MDChief Academic Officer of The Wellness Company The liver is the largest solid organ in the body, and essential for life....
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