Dr. Peter McCullough Discusses Nattokinase

Dr. Peter McCullough Discusses Nattokinase

Intro from Dr. Paul Alexander: Dr. Peter McCullough discusses Nattokinase, I share his potent substack on this important issue & present some research evidence of the potential utility at this time as the science matures and develops.

The focus in this substack (as a means to detoxify against the COVID spike protein derived from the COVID gene injection vaccine (or virus)) is on nattokinase which is an enzyme that is produced by fermenting soybeans with bacteria Bacillus subtilis var. natto and nattokinase has been available as an oral supplement. It is important always to discuss any medication or even supplement with your doctor or you seek a specialist in holistic or naturopathic medicine who is experienced with the safety profile of nattokinase in a range of applications.

One key issue is that we can extrapolate the evidence on the COVID virus itself to the synthetic spike protein induced by the COVID mRNA gene injection (in terms of therapeutic activity and adverse effects). Both are highly pathological, especially to the myocardium of the heart. Yet the spike protein as the toxic business end of the virus and vaccine is devastating across the human body. The issue is that we may be facing pathology due to the spike protein from both the virus and the vaccine yet we/people are very concerned about the synthetic spike induced by the vaccine. Especially given that it’s effects long-term were never studied.

People are worried, concerned, for they want to rid themselves of the spike protein be it from the virus itself and alarmingly, via the spike protein induced by the mRNA-DNA COVID vaccine. They are suffering and have ill effects e.g. blood clotting etc. and some very dramatic and toxic, and even deadly. They are sick now and crying out for help now and asking for it, and they want empiric treatment via some means to support themselves especially immunologically, as they heal, while also recognizing that the science and evidence is developing, maturing, and becoming definitive. In the interest of time.

Can we wait 10, 15, 20 years for the appropriate comparative effectiveness research trial to be carried out while people are in need to day and suffering? This is the same situation we faced with early treatment for COVID. We never said each therapeutic was perfect but in those with signals of benefit where the risk was basically non-existent and it was not cost prohibitive and was available, then via combined sequenced overlapping therapeutics, we could re-purpose them to treat COVID early (or prevent) until the science was mounted, completed, and definitive.

People are damaged now and want the spike protein post vaccine dissolved from within them, and are calling for help even while the necessary pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies are developed and completed. No doubt, they will accept empiric agents that are deemed safe, and even re-purposed. They just want help and the low risk of side effects justifies the use, when compared to the potential high benefits in terms of symptom reduction and potential dissolution of the foreign and persisting spike protein itself.

We know that the spike protein post vaccine (and the mRNA and spike subunits) persist in the blood and tissue and this is having a terrible impact on persons.

The Wellness Company (TWC) has gone on to develop such a low risk spike protein detoxifier even as the science further develops and matures and becomes declarative. Integral to the formulation is nattokinase as mentioned above and seen below on the product label that you can get at TWC. You can purchase here.

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