The Science Behind Dr. VanDeWater's Spike Support Formula

The Science Behind Dr. VanDeWater's Spike Support Formula

In this article, we’ll summarize the scientific research supporting the effectiveness of the ingredients contained within Dr. Jen VanDeWater's popular Spike Support Formula. This supplement, which combines six potent, natural ingredients, is a great option for already healthy individuals striving to optimize their overall wellness.  



Selenium, known to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, aids the body in healing and repair. A deficiency in this compound is correlated with increased risk of heart disease [1]. It also helps increase glutathione levels, which may bolster the immune response and enhance platelet function [2]. 


While nattokinase has long been known to reduce the risk of clot formation and improve circulation [3], recent literature has shown it to be effective in degrading the spike protein associated with COVID-19 [4]. 

Dandelion Root 

Dandelion root, which is known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, has been shown in vitro to neutralize spike proteins associated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, by preventing them from binding to the human ACE2 surface receptor [5]. 

Black Seed Extract 

Black seed extract is another known spike protein neutralizer, which facilitates the body's detoxifying process by binding to and helping the body eliminate the spike proteins wreaking havoc on adequate immune function. A 2021 study in Iraq found that COVID-19 patients treated with black seed extract had significantly lower likelihood of death than those in a control group [6]. 

Green Tea Extract 

A component of green tea called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) protects against cellular damage by scavenging for free radicals which reduces inflammation and in turn enhances cardiovascular protection. Mounting evidence suggests EGCG may be an effective treatment for COVID-19 [7, 8]. 

Irish Sea Moss 

Irish sea moss is loaded with minerals [9], which may help rebuild damaged tissues, cells, and muscles caused by an overload of spike proteins.



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