Signature Series Immune Boosting Formula

Signature Series Immune Boosting Formula

By Dr. Jen VanDeWater, PharmD
Integrative Therapeutics Board of the The Wellness Company

As the stressors of everyday life continue to mount, everyone's immune system could use a boost. Keeping the immune system functioning optimally is key to preventing infections in the first place, and recovering swiftly if you do get sick. 

In my time as a Pharmacist, I have made countless recommendations to my patients of products to be taken in combination for ultimate immune support. After years of research and clinical experience, I decided to design an all-in-one natural supplement with all the key immune-enhancing ingredients included. For people with busy schedules who want to take out the guesswork when it comes to immune health, my Immune Boosting Formula is the perfect solution.

My unique blend of Bilberry (250 mg), Quercetin (250 mg), Oil of Oregano (75 mg), Vitamin C (1000 mg), Zinc (12 mg), and Reishi Mushroom (200 mg) offers comprehensive immune system fortification. Read on to learn specifically how these ingredients work synergistically to supercharge your immunity. 

Bilberry is a rich antioxidant that aids the body in protecting cells from stress. When life becomes overwhelming, each cell in our body feels the strain. An imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants occurs, leading to a myriad of unhealthy outcomes. Bilberry fights off harmful free radicals and eliminates cellular oxidative stress.  

Quercetin intervenes at the cellular level by blocking or shutting down enzymes and pathways that lead to unhealthy outcomes. One of its effects is on the inflammatory process, inhibiting the production of pro-inflammatory proteins. Decreasing inflammation promotes optimal immune function and assists in robust immunity.  

Zinc is a natural mineral essential for proper body function. When Quercetin is combined with Zinc, this pairing works in tandem to improve the body's ability fight off infections. Increased anti-viral activity has also been shown when zinc and quercetin are combined. Quercetin is known as a zinc ionophore, meaning that it carries the zinc across the cell wall to the center of the cell where viruses replicate. Once the zinc is in place, inhibition and inactivation of viruses and viral replication begins.  

Vitamin C is critical to optimal immune function. Vitamin C supports cellular processes inherent to both natural and adaptive immunity. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties which remove free radicals that may cause stress on immunological processes. Adequate Vitamin C levels enhance immunity and help decrease susceptibility to infections. 

Oil of Oregano has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Oil of Oregano is known to inhibit viral replication and halt bacterial growth. In addition to aiding in the treatment of respiratory illness, it has antioxidant, fever-reducing, and analgesic effects, making it extremely beneficial for supporting optimal immune health. 

Reishi Mushrooms stimulate the immune system and improve the body’s natural ability to fight infections by increasing production and activation of immune cells. They do this in part by working through white blood cells, which are a key player in fighting infections. White blood cells are part of the immune system that provide protection. They circulate through the body and respond to injury or illness by attacking invaders meant to cause harm.  

This formulation has been prepared to be taken by mouth twice daily, with or without food, along with Dr. Amerling’s Bone Formulation, which is comprised of Vitamin D and Vitamin K2. 

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Dr. Jen VanDeWater, PMD, is a registered pharmacist licensed in Maine, New York, and Vermont. Dr. Jen is The People's Pharmacist. She is one of the founders of the Integrative Therapeutics Board of The Wellness Companyand a global leader in reinitializing continuum of care processes between pharmacists, patients, and their doctors. 

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