Introducing The Origin Series

Introducing The Origin Series

Origin: rise, beginning, or derivation from a source

Our commitment to you

At our core, we are dedicated to delivering the purest and highest quality products, sourced directly from nature.

We firmly believe that Mother Nature holds the key to true wellness. That's why our Origin series showcases a range of unique and natural products derived solely from plants and animals. Free from harmful chemicals, genetically modified ingredients, growth hormones, or any other additives, our products ensure you receive only the purest ingredients to support your health and wellness journey.

Through meticulous sourcing, we have curated a selection of the most natural, pristine, and unadulterated food supplements and essential oils available. We achieved this by collaborating closely with trusted partners who share our commitment to integrity and quality. With every product, you can trust that we prioritize purity and authenticity, empowering you to nurture your health with confidence.

Elevate your vitality and take your health to new heights with

Pure Bison Trifecta

Bison Trifecta is a powerful blend of protein-rich, vitamin-packed organ meats that are sourced as close to nature as possible. Considered as nature’s multivitamin; Trifecta blends key nutrients, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants for cognitive function, cardiovascular health, and immune systems. Plus, bioavailable heme iron boosts energy and endurance, while natural peptides stimulate collagen production for resilient tissues.

We have secured a clean, pristine source that are:

  • Grass fed and finished. (healthy omega 3 to omega 6 ratio)
  • Hormone and vaccine free
  • Pesticide and GMO free
  • Additive and gluten free

Organic Essential Oils

Explore our exclusive organic line of essential oils, meticulously chosen to offer you the best and highest quality available.

These oils present a new dimension of health, distinct from conventional pharmaceuticals. From enhancing overall well-being to crafting natural cleaning products and effective bug repellents, our oils introduce a world of therapeutic and safe natural alternatives.

By incorporating these oils into your lifestyle, you can bid farewell to harmful chemicals and embrace holistic solutions for a healthier, more sustainable way of living.

Pure Bee Pollen

A single dose of this miracle from nature can contain over 2.5 billion nutrient-packed flower pollen granules from real bees to give your body nature's original cornucopia of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, lipids, and essential proteins. This natural product contains no additives and is gluten-free.

Bee pollen has been used for centuries to treat allergies and can provide protection against many diseases, including diabetes, cancer, infections, and cardiovascular disease. It also contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Why choose these products to optimize your health and well-being?

Nature's wisdom is unparalleled. The closer we align with the source of our food and healing methods, the more robust our health becomes. Recent years have underscored the importance of proactively managing our well-being. From medical decisions to dietary habits, supplements, skincare, and even household cleaners, it's crucial to take charge of every aspect of our health journey.

A company with a proven track record

Our research-backed supplements, along with our board of world-class doctors, scientists, and health professionals ensure the products we carry are of the highest caliber. As we expand our offerings, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing pure, wholesome, and holistic products that elevate your well-being.


  1. Research also points to bee pollen alleviating the symptoms of prostatitis. (1)

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Written by Brooke Lounsbury

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