Censorship Can’t Stop Truth

Censorship Can’t Stop Truth

YouTube has decided that the truth isn’t something they want on their platform, so it is time to hear from the only public figure with medical authority who questioned the mainstream Covid 19 narrative:

Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. McCullough’s qualifications

  • One of the most published people in internal medicine and cardiology in the world
  • Almost 700 citations in the National Library of Medicine.
  • Over 1,000 published papers
  • Lectured at New York Academy of Sciences, European Medicine Agencies
  • Testified in senate hearings about COVID-19 and early intervention.
  • Chief Science Officer at The Wellness Company

Censored interview- they can’t stand the truth

Luke Storey (the Lifestylist podcast) recently interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough, world-renowned cardiologist, epidemiologist, and internal medicine doctor regarding SARS-CoV-2, vaccination, and natural solutions. YouTube won’t allow it on their platform, so you can find the entire interview here.

I highly recommend this interview, It covers almost every facet of the Covid 19 pandemic, from coercion to take the shot, research-backed studies on the spike protein, natural solutions and more.

The following are Dr. McCullough’s quotes from the interview:

Six propaganda terms taken from Nazi Germany

“They are clearly designed to establish a power dynamic of one person exerting power over another. And they were all extensively used during Nazi Germany.”

“They are misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, anti-science, anti-vaxxer, and conspiracy theorists. Those are all terms by which the person who uses them is aspiring to gain power and control over the other person. And they are attempting to push their point of view onto others. And by definition, that's propaganda.”

On vaccines and coercion

“There wasn't a single chief of medicine or single chief of infectious disease, public health official, president, premier, senator, or congressman who questioned the vaccines.”

  • “I hope everyone's learned, never take a drug or an injection or a vaccine for a non-medical reason. Never, never, never, never. People say I took it for my job. That's not a medical reason.”
  • “We never ever can allow any pressure, coercion, or threat of reprisal for taking or not taking a medicine or a vaccine.”
  • “It should always be free choice, and it ought to be under full informed consent, and it ought to be clinically indicated and medically necessary.”

You aren’t safe from viral shedding of the vaccine- even if you never took the shot

“So we know now the messenger RNA and the adenoviral DNA vaccines install large amounts of spike protein in the body, the full-length spike protein. This is the most dangerous protein we've ever encountered in human medicine.

“Gets into the heart, the brain, the nervous system, causes blood clots. It actually may help promote cancer or reduce our resistance to cancer. It's poorly broken down by the human body.

“The messenger RNA gets through breast milk, for sure. And recently, a paper has shown that the messenger RNA is in the placenta, and then on into the cord blood, into the baby. It’s all circumstantial, but it looks like shedding is real.”

Nature knows best

“I’m an allopathic doctor. I’m not trained in naturopathic medicine. I have tried every drug under the sun. My tools are prescription drugs, and they haven’t met the challenge of the spike protein, but three natural substances.”

“Most people who've had one or more episodes of SARS-CoV-2 infection with some symptoms, and certainly, I think everybody who's taken one of these vaccines should play it safe and go on the McCulloch Protocol Base Spike Trio Detoxification.

  1. Nattokinase- “The principal ingredient in Spike Support (which also contains other ingredients that play a synergistic role), is derived from the natural fermentation of soy, the principal bacteria is called Bacillus subtilis natto. The key ingredient is nattokinase, which is an enzyme. The enzyme breaks down the spike protein. It literally melts it away. Whether it's free or even if it's inside cells, the nattokinase moves within cells. The nattokinase is also thrombolytic. It actually breaks up blood clots.”
  2. Bromelain- “A second family of enzymes derived from the stems of pineapple called bromelain. Bromelain also degrades the spike protein but in a different way than nattokinase.”
  3. Curcumin- The third part that we think is critical to this is managing the inflammation of the spike protein, another natural substance, which is curcumin. In human trials of people who've had COVID or the vaccine, it lowers levels of inflammation.”

“It takes a long time to detoxify”

“We're looking at a minimum of three months to see any type of movement. Many times, six, nine, 12 months, but people are getting better under our direct observation. I can't make therapeutic claims because there are no large prospective double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials.”

So we worked our way through various protocols. Now, McCullough Protocol for early treatment was empiric.”

Prevention strategies- for any viral illness

  • Get outside and get fresh air (reduce viral load)
  • No sugar, limit or exclude alcohol
  • Adequate vitamin D levels- through supplementation or sunshine
  • Nebulizer or nasal spray to reduce viral burden if exposed (See The Wellness Company nebulizer protocol in the Contagion Emergency Guidebook)
  • Sauna (sweat to detoxify)

The Next Pandemic

“We're bombarded with fearful messages of influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, monkey pox. The World Health Organization and the Biden Administration had previously declared a national monkey pox emergency. Now disease X.”

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, the premier vaccine incubator founded by the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates has written over 100-page white paper on disease X with great enthusiasm. There will be another disease.”

“It'll be 20 times more deadly with COVID. And guess what? There'll be only one answer for disease X.” (vaccination)

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Follow Dr. McCullough through his Substack channel Courageous Discourse.

Written by Brooke Lounsbury

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