Avian Flu Update- Talking Points and Insights from Dr. McCullough

Avian Flu Update- Talking Points and Insights from Dr. McCullough

An informative update on the current H5N1 global situation from the McCullough Foundation.

Watch the video on Substack, “Courageous Discourse” here:

“Key Talking Points on Current Bird Flu Situation”

 Here are the key takeaways:

The current avian influenza virus strains have been with us in wild bird populations for at least the last one hundred years. The unreliable PCR test has given rise to false positives. Since the H5N1 bird flu outbreak, which began in late 2020, millions of healthy chickens have been culled to prevent the spread. The belief is that this current avian influenza outbreak has a mortality rate of 90% in domestic poultry within 48 hours. By destroying the entire flock and starting over, the rationale is that will prevent further spread of the virus. There is a real concern that this could lead to a food supply chain collapse, which would be catastrophic especially for families with children that are already struggling, given the current spike in food prices.

1. McCullough advocates for a wait-and-see method of dealing with unreliable PCR testing, not mass extermination of healthy flocks.

There are two ways of “culling “-destroying whole flocks of healthy birds- by suffocation first is by a method called ventilation shutdown- which involves the killing of birds by shutting off vents to suffocate the animals.  Heat and carbon dioxide are sometimes used in addition to exterminate the birds. Another type of suffocation is foam depopulation which involves spraying birds with foam to suffocate them.

Both practices are incentivized by the government if there is at least one PCR-positive test. There is no financial incentive to wait and see If the birds survive. The current strain, H5N1 clade 2.3. 4.4b has not proven fatal in birds or mammals.

There was a recently created exemption for farms that do not produce food in California that would spare birds if strict quarantine measures were in place for 120 days.

One farm, quarantined after the virus was discovered in their flock, lost only 26 of the total 160 chickens, ducks, and turkeys on their farm.


2. H5N1 host range expansion into migratory birds and mammals likely occurred as a result of gain-of-function serial passage research and a lab leak. This research was funded by the Gates Foundation to the UW-Madison and Yoshihiro Kawaka to modify H5N1 viruses to recognize human-type receptors and transmit more efficiently to mammals.

Dr. McCullough is highly suspicious that the USDA Poultry Research Center in Athens, Georgia had been experimenting on the gain of function avian influenza clade that is currently circulating. Add to this increasing reports of multiple dead elephant seals as far south as Tierra del Fuego or harbor seals in Massachusetts.

Since the PCR test has a history of being unreliable, Dr. McCullough suggests performing autopsies and chest x-rays to determine if the animals succumbed to a mammalian form of bird flu. Having a positive PCR on a dead animal is not reliable. The animal could have died with a non-lethal virus, not as the cause of death. There is speculation that the mass culling of healthy birds fits nicely into the great reset agenda of reducing our consumption of animal protein.

3. Dr. McCullough believes that so far, the naturally occurring virus can spread more easily but causes a less severe illness. The US has never had a fatal human case of bird flu. According to world-renowned microbiologist and pathologist Theobald Smith (1859-1934),  If a virus is to survive, it can’t kill all its hosts.  Some must live to transmit the virus. This theory, called Mueller’s ratchet was proven during the recent SARS-CoV-2 outbreak: The virus moved through its outbreak, and at each mutation, the virus caused a less serious infection.

4. Fear-mongering- again - The government already has three vaccines available through lucrative pre-purchased contracts to the vaccine manufacturers. Nirav Shah, deputy director of the CDC is already performing PCR testing on farm workers. This will eventually lead to mass vaccination of farm workers, and eventually the general population. Mass vaccination is likely on the agenda, starting with farm workers and going from there. If mass vaccination is allowed to happen, resistant strains of the virus will emerge in the vaccinated. (Moderna was just awarded $176 million to develop mRNA influenza pandemic vaccine).                                                                                                      

According to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra “The Biden-Harris Administration won’t stop until we have everything we need to prepare for pandemics and other public health emergencies that impact the American public.”

5. If human-to-human spread occurs in the future, it will be the product of gain-of-function research that has gone on for years with the goal of creating harm to human populations. In fact, the current clade appears to have been manipulated in the lab. Back in 2014, before the laboratory was shut down due to dangerous and lax standards of handling lab specimens, gain-of-function experimentation was actively going on, with the goal to make the latest variant more deadly and more contagious. The lab lost funding temporarily, until 2017 when funding resumed. It is unclear what this lab has been up to since then. According to former CDC director Dr Redfield, he states he could make it highly infectious for humans in months.”

6. Be prepared with early prevention and treatment strategies on hand.

The Wellness Company has extended its Contagion Emergency Kit to cover serious human avian influenza in the event it occurs.

 Along with a free consultation guidance on use,

 The kit includes

  • Ivermectin
  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Azithromycin (generic Z-Pak™) is an antibiotic that is indispensable in treating secondary infections, which can arise from viral infections, especially influenza-type illnesses.
  • Oseltamivir (generic Tamiflu™)
  • Budesonide along with a nebulizer.
  • The included guidebook also includes a dilute iodine nebulizer or gargle protocol to help prevent infection from avian flu or other viruses circulating.

Written by Brooke Lounsbury

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