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Welcome to the Wellness Company MED Talks Hub.

MED Talks are a series of videos – similar to TED talks – hosted by medical experts who share your values about faith, family, government, and science.

MED Talks cover a wide range of relevant topics, including:

Medical freedom
and how you can make informed decisions regarding your health without censorship from big tech or deception from government officials.

Effects of a lingering illness
especially for people who got sick and have remained ill over the past two years. There is hope – and options for treatment will be discussed.

Effects of vaccine injury
and treatment options for people who may have vaccine issues, especially with vaccinations received over the past two years.

Recent Med Talks

Med Talk Episode 1: Amnesty

Featuring Dr. Heather Gessling

Med Talk Episode 2: Naturalistic Medicine

Featuring Jen VanDeWater, PharmD

Med Talk Episode 3: Freedom From Pharma Journey

Featuring Dr. Jana Schmidt

Med Talk Episode 4: Tripledemic

Featuring Dr. Jana Schmidt

Med Talk Episode 5: Ivermectin

Featuring Jen VanDeWater, PharmD.

Med Talk Episode 6: Insurance Coverage

Featuring Dr. Heather Gessling

Med Talk Episode 7: 1Dental

Featuring Jen VanDeWater, PharmD.

Interviews with our Chief Medical Board

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Experience real treatment to address lingering illness and adverse reactions incurred over the past two years.

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