The Wellness Company was born out of necessity.

After more than 15 years of leading and building successful businesses, I became aware of a failing medical system, oppressive government health policies, and the lack of appreciation for natural approaches to cure illnesses. I could no longer sit on the sidelines watching this happen, I had to be part of the solution.

That solution is The Wellness Company.

By unequivocally and unapologetically standing up for medical freedom and the right to affordable health care, our company’s vision champions the right to make one’s own choices for their body.

We strive to build a new health care system that earns people’s trust, governed and operated with transparency, and offering the highest quality practitioners who align at their core with our fundamental belief – to put the patient first.

The fabric of this company has been woven together by its medical team, whose courage and bravery in their fight for medical freedom and truth as well as their devotion to the public, will help to ensure improved health outcomes, convenient access to physicians, and lower costs of healthcare for our patients.

We will never sacrifice the quality of our services, products, or education and we will maintain affordability.

Join us by becoming a member today.

-Foster Coulson


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