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Achieve Optimal Wellness

Schedule multiple meetings with a healthcare provider for lifestyle and nutritional consultation, guided by their expert analysis of two baseline wellness lab panels.

Adverse Reaction Recovery

Meet with a provider who understands the complexity of adverse reactions, receive lab tests to understand your condition, and start a tailored treatment plan.

Core Wellness

Form an ongoing relationship with a provider and access discounts or credit for The Wellness Company’s vitamins, supplements, and products.

Long Covid Relief

Receive lab testing and access both non-pharma and pharmaceutical treatments from Wellness Providers to overcome lingering symptoms caused by Covid-19 infections.

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Restore your trust in healthcare.
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Acute Care

  • COVID-19
    Strep Throat
    Pain Relief
    Urinary Tract Infection
    Cold & Flu
    Respiratory & Sinus Infection
    Cold Sore
    Other Common Acute Care Conditions

Medical Exemptions

The Wellness Company offers medical consults for vaccine exemption requests with one of our trusted providers for people ages 5 and up.

Submit your information and we will take care of the rest!

Chronic Condition Relief

Building Immunity
Getting Better Sleep
Respiratory Syndromes
Losing Weight & Improving Diet
Reducing Incidents of Migraines
Coping with Pain Without Narcotics
Managing Blood Pressure & Hypertension
Making Positive Changes to Your Lifestyle
Combatting the Effects of Anxiety & Depression

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Cancellations and No-Show Appointments: If you booked an appointment through The Wellness Company, you will have twenty-four (24) hours before the appointment to cancel. Cancellations less than twenty-four (24) hours before the appointments or appointment no-shows will result in a fee of $30.00. Please contact support@twc.health to reschedule or if you are unable to connect with your provider

Refunds: Virtual Health consultation treatments, recommendations, prescriptions and outcomes are at the sole discretion of the medical professional treating you. No refunds will be given because you do not agree with the decisions of the provider nor are refunds given if you are pursuing services which are not a defined TWC consult type. Medical vaccine exemption outcomes are at the sole discretion of the medical professional treating you. Medical exemptions must be medically necessary and will not be refunded if there is no justifiable medical reason for the provider to write an exemption. You are paying for the provider’s time to assess your medical needs and make the best determination for your health in their professional judgement.

Disclaimer: The Wellness Company does not accept insurance, state or Federal payors; we are cash-pay only. Consultation costs do not include prescription prices; your chosen pharmacy will invoice you for any medications and these may be covered by your insurance. Virtual care services are available in the USA only.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911 and seek in-person care. If your condition is not acute in nature or covered by a named service type by The Wellness Company, please seek help from an in-person provider.

Visit our mental health Support Resources page for important information.


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