Halloween, Candy + Kids - How to Keep Halloween Healthy and Fun

Halloween, Candy + Kids - How to Keep Halloween Healthy and Fun

As more and more people are seeking to optimize their immune function, prioritize their wellness, and promote healthy habits in their kids, holidays like Halloween can become tricky to navigate. While children love the holiday, parents are faced with the challenge of keeping things fun while trying to prevent the harms that can arise from binge eating unhealthy foods. 

Why to Avoid or Minimize Sugar 

While incredibly delicious, sugar can wreak havoc on the body. Not only can it cause an imbalance of the gut flora, but it can also cause excessive inflammation, tooth decay, and may impair immune function. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, immune and whole-body health is top of mind for many individuals and families. Reducing sugar consumption is one step towards improving holistic health and achieving your wellness goals. 

Alternative Celebrations 

Many families are opting out of traditional trick-or-treat activities and instead are grouping up with like-minded families to host celebrations with healthier treats and fun activities.  

Haunted houses: Instead of an evening of running from house to house, some families are opting to visit a haunted house event where there may be fewer treats, but a whole lot more fun. 

Scavenger hunts: Caregivers are often setting up Halloween scavenger hunts with a well-thought-out list of clues and healthy treats hidden in a safe area, giving the child a feeling of solving a mystery or following a treasure map 

Bonfires: Few things are more fun than a big fire on a cool, spooky night with good friends and family. Ghost stories, Halloween-themed activities, and fun, healthy goodie bags can make for lasting memories. 

Make A Trade 

Because some families do not want to give up traditional Halloween celebrations, they are implementing clever ways to reduce sugar consumption while still having the classic fun of going door to door.

Some parents are striking up a swap with their children, offering to trade their bag of candy for a trip to the toy store or an outing to their favorite restaurant or play center.

Fun And Healthy Treat Ideas 

Breaking out of the highly commercialized Halloween holiday can be difficult and make some children feel left out. A little research on the parents' and caregivers' side can mitigate this and create great memories, tasty treats, and healthy tummies for all.  

Green Apple Monsters 

These fun apple monster faces are quick, easy, and enjoyable to make, and the peanut butter and apples used in their construction make for a healthy snack. Peanut butter can easily be substituted with sunflower butter for those families who need to avoid nuts.  


 (Photo and recipe credit This Healthy Table

Spider Bites 

These unique Spider Bites are easy to make and perfect for young children. The chocolate-covered pretzels make them just spooky enough for Halloween. 

 (Photo and recipe credit The Food Network


Halloween Mummy Applesauce Pouches 

These treats are ideal for kids of all ages, and it doesn't have to be just apple sauce. It can be any squeeze format pureed food. These come with minimal scariness, so they should be a safe bet to add to the treat repertoire for children of all ages.  

 (Photo and recipe credit See Vanessa Craft

Healthy Halloween Snack Tray 

If healthy snacks look fun and scary, mission accomplished. This snack tray uses regular fruit and veggies to create a fun and spooky platter that children of all ages can enjoy 


(Photo and recipe credit Clean Eating Kitchen) 

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