Bromelain: A Natural Weapon in Your Spike Protein Arsenal

Bromelain: A Natural Weapon in Your Spike Protein Arsenal

Pineapples are more than just a tasty tropical treat; they're a source of one of the most unique compounds in biology, an enzyme called bromelain, which is making headlines in the natural health world for its effects on the COVID-19 Spike protein. At The Wellness Company, we are committed to offering products grounded in robust research, so you can confidently embrace a proven path to wellness. The data on Bromelain is so promising that we included it as a key ingredient in our upcoming Kids Spike Support Formula. In today's article, we'll delve deeper into this fascinating natural compound and the recent research surrounding it. 

Study: Bromelain Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Infection 

In one recent paper, published in the journal Clinical and Translational Medicine, researchers looked into bromelain's interaction with certain proteins integral to COVID-19 infection. Specifically, they investigated bromelain’s effects on proteins called ACE-2,TMPRSS2, and Spike Protein in cell culture. Though they all have slightly different roles to play in the infection process, these proteins are integral to the “lock and key” mechanism that the virus uses to gain access to human cells, and eventually replicate and wreak havoc.  

ACE-2 is a receptor found on the surface of many tissues of the body, including heart and lung cells. It’s these receptors to which the COVID-19 viral spike protein binds in order to enter the cell. 

The researchers found that when exposed to bromelain, host cells demonstrated reduced expression of these receptor proteins, meaning less access for the virus. Even more compelling, bromelain was shown to cleave, or break apart, the virus's spike protein, which is crucial for its ability to infect cells and replicate. This suggests that bromelain is capable of defending against infection both through interactions with the host cell and the virus itself. The stylized diagram below depicts the mechanisms we’ve just discussed. 



Anti-inflammatory and Anticoagulatory Properties 

In addition to its recently established effects on COVID-19 infection, bromelain has long been known to have other beneficial effects on human physiology. For instance, it is a well-established anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant. Inflammation and coagulation are two processes that can wreak havoc on the body when they go awry; bromelain’s dual action in both these areas makes it a promising therapy for a wide range of conditions. It has long been used, for example, as a treatment to reduce swelling and inflammation following certain surgeries.

In the context of infectious diseases like COVID-19, where inflammation and coagulation can lead to severe complications such as blood clots and a plethora of other issues, bromelain's properties make it a potential agent to slow disease progression. 

A Holistic Approach to Health 

Beyond its potential antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, bromelain has been associated with a range of other health benefits. From aiding digestion to reducing muscle soreness to potentiating the effects of antibiotics, this enzyme has been a favorite of holistic health circles for decades. 

The Wellness Company's Kids Spike Support

The Wellness Company has included bromelain as one of several ingredients in its upcoming Kids Spike Support Formulawhich ships starting in September. This product is designed to support childrens' immune systems, ensuring they get the best fortification nature has to offer. While it's not a treatment for any specific disease, the inclusion of bromelain in the formula underscores the enzyme's potential benefits for overall health and wellness. 

The Bottom Line 

Despite modern medicine’s obsession with synthetic pharmaceuticals, nature often provides us with powerful remedies, and bromelain is a shining example. As research continues to unveil its benefits, it's clear that this unique enzyme has a lot to offer. Whether you're looking to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, or simply embrace a more natural approach to health, bromelain is undoubtedly a molecule to consider adding to your wellness arsenal. 


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