Answering the Call of Humanity

Answering the Call of Humanity
Dear TWC Community,

In times of crisis, the strength of our bonds becomes evident. We stand together as a network, united in our commitment to the well-being of all. The recent catastrophe in Lahaina, Maui, has left us deeply concerned for the affected families, and we are taking action.
The Wellness Company, along with sister companies Unjected and inpHuzed
, is stepping up to provide vital support to the devastated community. The fires have taken homes, livelihoods, and a sense of security, and we recognize the urgency of addressing the critical issue of hydration.

As we stand on the brink of unveiling our new inpHuzed Hydration Packs – a revolutionary hydration solution with ElectraCell™ technology that redefines cellular absorption of water – we have decided instead to direct our entire launch production to those in need in Maui. The pressing need for clean drinking water cannot be ignored, and our commitment to humanity propels us to make this unprecedented move.
Shelby Thompson, CEO of Unjected and boots on the ground in Maui, shared, "The risk of dehydration is real, and the people of Lahaina need our support. Partnering with TWC and inpHuzed allows us to deliver life-saving hydration where it matters most."
Though our official launch may be momentarily paused, our dedication to the people of Maui remains unwavering. We are prioritizing what truly matters – supporting those who need it most.
Your solidarity matters. Together, we're showing the world the strength of compassion and unity. For more information on inpHuzed, visit

Thank you for being part of a community that stands up when it matters most.

In unity and well-being,


Foster Coulson

Founder, The Wellness Company

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