Self-Amplifying mRNA in Our Food Supply- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Self-Amplifying mRNA in Our Food Supply- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

As the controversy surrounding avian influenza continues, with the mass culling of healthy birds being culled, in the background are researchers developing vaccines (gene therapy) for not only the human population but also the flocks and herds we rely on for our food supply.

During a recent interview on the War Room, Dr Peter McCullough, a leading expert on Covid-19  called for banning mRNA from the Food Supply.

He states:” mRNA can be absorbed across the mammalian gastrointestinal tract and get into the human body where it will force human cells to product the foreign protein, in this case likely a fusion protein from the bovine RSV. This is destined to cause human auto-immune disease and an array of illnesses.”

(Check out Dr. McCullough’s Substack ‘Courageous Discourse” for cutting-edge, science-based health information you won’t find anywhere else)

I’m from the government, trust me

 Our government is vague on what requirements must be met to allow mRNA or even more horrifying, saRNA (keep on reading) into our food supply.

USA Animal Health Committee Chair, Max Thornsberry, DVM, who briefed the R-CALF USA board on the status of mRNA injections in the global protein supply chain, reported that some researchers have found that mRNA and its coded virus is likely passed from an injected human to a noninjected human, and to humans who have consumed dairy products or meat from an mRNA-injected animal. He is concerned about imported beef coming from many different countries and is urging MCCOOL (mandatory country of origin labeling). He also points out that beef imports have been increasing due to a 60-year inventory low in the States. (as of this writing, the MCCOOL bill has not passed).

Our food supply is at risk.

Merck at the center of gene therapy- mRNA and saRNA

mRNA “vaccines” have already entered our food chain.

Sequivity, developed by Merck, is currently the only RNA particle technology vaccine licensed for use in animals to protect against swine flu in pigs. This vaccine is available by prescription. According to, you are not to vaccinate at least 21 days before slaughter and provide immunity up to 12 weeks after injection.

 The question begs- process and eat at 4 weeks, but “protection” lasts at least 12 weeks How is it that you would not be affected?  The mRNA may break down in high heat, so perhaps thorough cooking would inactivate the technology?

Self-amplifying RNA (saRNA)- longer lasting. The (terrifying) technology that keeps on giving

saRNA has been around for a while. In fact, Japan had authorized this technology for COVID-19 vaccination for ages 18 and older in 2023.

They now want to introduce it into our food supply. And quite possibly without our knowledge.

(By the way, if you believe organic labeling will save you, a food product can still be labeled organic and be vaccinated).

The difference between mRNA and saRNA

What could possibly go wrong? We know what a resounding success mRNA was(not), let’s try harder, they say:

mRNA and saRNA vaccines are both types of RNA vaccines, but they work differently in our bodies:


  • mRNA vaccines are smaller, about 2,000 building blocks long.
  • saRNA vaccines are bigger, about 10,000 building blocks long

How they work:

  • mRNA vaccines give instructions to make one type of protein.

saRNA vaccines can make copies of themselves and produce more protein for a longer time.

Amount needed:

mRNA vaccines need more material to work.

saRNA vaccines need much less material because they can make copies of themselves.

How long they last:

mRNA vaccines work for a shorter time.

saRNA vaccines can work for longer because they keep making copies.

Immune response:

Both types cause an immune response, but saRNA might cause a stronger one because it lasts longer.

Shelf stable

saRNA does not require cold storage, mRNA must be stored at very cold- subzero temperatures.

In fact, at room temperature, saRNA was demonstrated to remain shelf stable for at least 6 months and refrigerated for at least 10 months. (1)

In summary, saRNA vaccines are like mRNA vaccines that can make copies of themselves and are shelf-stable at room temperature for an extended amount of time.

 Self-replicating mRNA is a horrendous idea. How do you get it out of your body or food supply?

The USDA and all the companies that are researching this technology are very evasive as to when the rollout of this vaccine will happen.

While we wait for the other shoe to drop, it might be a good idea to:

Know the players

  • Genvax Technologies a startup company received financial awards. United Animal Health led the financing with participation from Johnsonville Ventures, Iowa Corn Growers Association, Summit Agricultural Group, and Ag Startup Engine. Their stated goal is to develop the next-generation mRNA plus nanoparticles for animal use.

BARDA and Arcturus Therapeutics have partnered to develop a self-amplifying mRNA (saRNA)-based vaccine for rapid pandemic influenza response. This includes animals vaccinated against avian influenza

  • Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (a program of the US dept. Health and Human Services)

BARDA played a significant role in Operation Warp Speed, the U.S. government's program to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.

A self-amplifying mRNA-based vaccine for rapid pandemic influenza response in development. The mRNA-based vaccines for COVID-19 were developed within a 60-day time frame from sequence identification to initiation of clinical trials and a similar turnaround time is expected for saRNA vaccines for future pandemics.

Received an award from Merck to advance nanoparticle avian flu vaccine research (saRNA vaccine).

A pure food supply is getting harder and harder to source.

One clean, pure, non-vaccinated source is The Wellness Company’s Origin Bison trifecta, heart and liver products. Formulated and approved by our Chief Medical Board, you are guaranteed a product that has never been vaccinated, is humanely raised, and uses sustainable practices.


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Written by Brooke Lounsbury

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