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The cost of necessary medications can be overwhelming, even for those with insurance, forcing difficult decisions about your health and wellbeing.

At TWC, we believe that your health shouln't be a burden. This is why with a TWC Rx subscription, all your medication needs become accessible through affordable monthly payments. Whether you choose to pick up from a local pharmacy or have them delivered directly to your home, our service provides a convenient and economical way to ensure you have the prescriptions you need at a discounted rate.

Each TWC Rx subscription is tailored for one adult and covers generic brand medications.



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Only available in the US.

Here's a Glimpse of What's Available to You

  • ✔️Acyclovir
  • ✔️Bupropion
  • ✔️Diltiazem


  • ✔️Meloxicam

Is the TWC RX Plan Right For You?

Do you have monthly, chronic or acute drug prescriptions where your total cost of medications over $30 per month?

If YES - This program may serve your needs greatly!


If NO - we suggest you speak with your doctor or book an appointment with one of our Virtual Care Providers to explore better options.


Can the majority of your medications be delivered through the mail?

If YES - This program could offer you free medications!



If NO - This program offers discounts at local pharmacies which will vary according to pharmacy. Medications are not free when filled at a local pharmacy.


Can you benefit from having a medication discount card?

YES if - Your total savings amount to greater than 30 dollars a month for prescriptions you collect at your local pharmacy.


NO if - Your monthly total savings is less than the cost of our membership, this program may not be right for you.


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Step 3

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Our partner pharmacy team can assist with your transferring prescriptions.

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Our Partner Pharamcy will contact you to confirm your order.

Our partner pharmacy will double-check prescriptions and securely places your order for accuracy and peace of mind.

Step 5

Your prescriptions are delivered to your home.

Enjoy FREE home delivery within 3-5 business days.

Step One

Search out list of 605+ generic medication

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View Our Medications

Step Two

Call our pharmacy coaches to review your medications

Our team is here to help. we will make sure your medications are on the list or find therapeutically similar ones

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Transfer your prescriptions or your doctor can prescribe to us

Transferring prescriptions can be difficult so our pharmacy team does it all for you!

Step Four

We will contact you to confirm your order and collect payment

We always make sure everything is accurate. we double check the prescription and securely place your order

Step Five

Receive your medication(s)

Have your medications shipped to your home for free!

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$29.99 / Members $25.49 / 1Wellness FREE

Accepted at 64,000 pharmacies nationwide, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a brand-name drug and a generic equivalent drug?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, generic drugs are the same as their brand-name equivalents in active ingredients, dosage, safety, strength, and performance, and are held to the same strict standards as their brand-name counterparts. The only noticeable difference between a generic drug and its brand-name counterpart may be the shape and/or color of the drug. While generic drugs are just as effective as the corresponding brand-name drugs, they typically cost up to 70 percent less, which helps control health care costs. This helps you in the long run because the generic option is always the lowest cost to you.

What if my drug is not available in generic form? 

Even if your drug is not yet available in generic form, there may be a very similar generic drug that can be just as effective. If you are currently taking a brand-name medications, ask your doctor about if there is a generic equivalent drug that could treat your condition just as well. In most cases brand-name drugs are protected under a 10-17 year patent, and a generic equivalent cannot be made. During this period of time, manufacturers control pricing to make up for expensive research and development. In the interests of saving time, money and taking care of patients, most doctors will consider substituting a generic therapeutic alternative. A therapeutic similar is actually the generic match for the brand-name drug and that treats the same condition using a different ingredients. In most cases, these alternatives are just as effective.

What should I ask my doctor?

First, make sure your doctor knows you have a new pharmacy program and that you get any of the 605+ generic medications for FREE. Then, as “would one of these generic drugs be a good option for me, and could it treat my condition in the same way?” You can also ask what other brand­ name drugs that you are taking that could be replaced with generics options on this list. Remember, most medications Americans take are generic.

Why aren't all medicines on your drug list? 

Generic medications make up for 85% of the medications dispensed in America each year. Our list accounts for 90% of medications prescribed. Our list has medications grouped in more than 22 therapeutic classes making sure that we have a very well-rounded formulary treating a variety of chronic and acute conditions.

Still have questions?

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