Warrior Wellness Initiative

"The Warrior Wellness Initiative can make a measurable difference in the lives of Veterans and First Responders."
- Foster Coulson, Founder & CEO of The Wellness Company


To promote heathier and more holistic lifestyles for our warrior class. 

The Stakes

The health and well-being of our veterans and first responders.

The Bundle

The TWC Warrior Bundle to help our warriors and first responders.


We believe a moral obligation exists to serve those who have fought a two-decade long war to ensure our security and safety—especially those who returned from combat with physical and/or mental scars.

We know another debt to those on the home front who risk their lives every day as First Responders, putting their lives on the line to protect and save ours.

The Wellness Company is committed to serving our Veterans and First Responders whom we consider our nation’s warrior class. TWC’s mission is to bring the most comprehensive wellness products and resources available to promote healthier and more holistic lifestyles for our warrior class.

The Stakes

The compounding stresses on our nation's warrior class are some of the heaviest among our workforces. Often, those stresses lead to substance abuse, divorce, homelessness, and even suicide.

We believe our warriors need greater balance in their lives. But to bring this balance, we must accept and acknowledge the reality in what we are up against.

We believe in the power of our community and the initiative we have built here, that it will make a measurable and permanent difference in the life of First Responders, Veterans, their families, caretakers, and communities.

The Bundle

Our experts from TWC’s Chief Medical Board, including Dr. Jana Schmidt alongside Dr. Jen VanDeWater developed the Warrior Initiative Bundle to help our nation's warriors and first responders find greater balance in the health domain of sleep, digestive, brain, and immune health.

When our warriors' health falls out of balance, they become, as we all do, more susceptible to imbalance in other areas of their lives.

Our holistic approach is designed to bring greater balance to your health so you can continue your service and better manage the stresses of life.

The Wellness Company Warrior Bundle Includes:

Dr. Schmidt's Restful Sleep Formula

Get a better night's sleep, naturally.

Dr. Schmidt's Restful Sleep Formula targets the factors that disrupt a healthy night’s sleep which can have multiple negative impacts on other crucial areas of your health. One of the most popular Wellness Company products.

Dr. Schmidt's Digestive Enzyme Formula

Maximize digestion and the nutrients in your food.

Dr. Schmidt formulated this comprehensive blend of enzymes to maximize nutrient absorbtion. This full spectrum formula supports digestion of proteins, fats, dairy, grains, carbohydrates, and much much more.

Brain Health
Dr. Peter McCullough's Mito Support Formula

Supercharge your energy and restore cell health.

Give yourself an edge in maintaining your progress in leading a more active and healthy lifestyle with Dr. Peter McCullough's Mito Support Formula. One of the most popular Wellness Company products.

Dr. Zelenko's Z-DTox Formula

Immune system boosting for higher-risk patients.

Perfect for those with a weakened immune system from an immune deficiency, those who struggle with a healthy lifestyle.

Quick Facts

Almost as many American troops commit suicide as are killed in action.

Police officers have substantially higher divorce rates than the national average.

The rate of suicide among our nation’s police officers, particularly male officers, is on the rise. About twice as many commits suicide as are killed in the line of duty.

Female divorce rates among the military are reported to almost three times higher than males.

More than 2 million children have had at least one parent deploy with the military with almost 20,000 having a parent wounded in action, and over 4,000 losing a parent.

The number of children with active-duty parents who request mental health services has doubled to over 2 million.

33% of America’s homeless population are Veterans and almost 67,000 of them won’t have a place to sleep on any given night.


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