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The healthcare you want, the prescriptions you need, from a company with your values.

Feeling sick? See a doctor now.

The Wellness Company is a healthcare organization envisioned by Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko.

Work had just begun on The Wellness Company at the time of Dr. Z’s unfortunate passing.

We took his vision and brought it to life. Every day, we treat patients with doctors aligned with his values and the science he believed in.

Dr. Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko
1973 - 2022
Family Medicine
Honorary Founder of The Wellness Company

The Wellness Company range of services.

Why become a member? Be part of something extraordinary and break free from a medical system that profits from sickness. The Wellness Company Membership allows you to finally take control of your personal wellness.

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A message from Dr. Zelenko about The Wellness Company.


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