Long Covid Relief Package

Restore your health at last.

Receive lab testing and access both non-pharma and pharmaceutical treatments from Wellness Providers to overcome lingering symptoms caused by viral infections.

When you purchase this package, you recieve:

1 Viral Illness Analysis Lab Panel designed by TWC’s Chief Medical Board, with at-home collection to analyze nutrient levels, secondary effects of the virus, metabolic indicators preventing recovery, and assess immune system function.

5 virtual health visits with a Wellness Provider for trusted expert analysis of their Viral Illness Analysis Lab Panel, recommendations for wellness-enhancing supplements, and prescriptions to promote recovery.

Try Risk-Free for 30 Days.

Your Membership Savings

The Wellness Company is able to offer the pricing below with one upfront payment or three monthly payments. Try Risk-Free for 30 Days.

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Purchased separately from other providers, this package is valued at $3,189 – meaning you could save over $2,000 with a Membership.

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