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The Healing Power of Now: Mindfulness Meditation for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a pervasive issue, affecting an estimated 20% of people worldwide. It's a leading cause of disability and – as anyone who suffers f...
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How to Double Your Breath Hold with One Simple Technique

Show me how someone breathes, and I’ll tell you how they feel. Is it relaxed and rhythmic? This reflects ease and comfort. Is it shallow and rapid?...
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How to Short Circuit Toxic Emotions

“Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”  - Nelson Mandela  All human emotions – even the "negative" ones ...
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Mindfulness and the Power of Curiosity

If you've ever performed a contemplative exercise like prayer or meditation, you might resonate with the following observation: your thoughts seem...
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7 Meditation Tips for Beginners

For all its benefits, meditation is an extremely challenging habit to adopt. Most people quit before they see the benefits. Here are seven tips to ...
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Successful Meditation: The Art of Subtraction

Meister Eckhart, a 13th-century German mystic once said, "Spiritual life is more about subtraction than addition."  When I first heard this, it str...
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The Best Meditation Apps for Beginners

Mindfulness meditation, once an esoteric spiritual practice, has been proven by contemporary science to have positive impacts on mental and physica...
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A 4 Step Stress Management Guide

America has never been more stressed out [1].  Whether it stems from confusion and conflict arising from COVID-19 and related government policies, ...
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