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America’s Source Pharmacy

Can patients contact the pharmacy directly?

Yes they can, the offer excellent and broad range of assistance directly to patients.

Can TWC call on behalf of a patient?

This is a very limited service and assistance would stop when it came to matters involving HIPPA. They can answer very basic questions about their account, and we do not need their ID number to do this. Anything directly related to their meds or RX will be restricted to patients needing to contact them directly.

How do patients register?


When will a patient get their ID card?

The cards are digital, so they get them right away.

This is where they obtain their digital card and create a member portal

How do we know what pharmacies are accepted?

These cards are accepted at over 3064 thousand pharmacies across this country they are accepted by almost every pharmacy. In the event the pharmacy does not accept it it’s because their computer systems have not been updated. There is no list of preferred pharmacies. They can call the call center to request they be added if they find one that doesn’t. 

What is the turnaround time on meds being shipped?

ACUTE – acute medications are not filled by the mail-order pharmacy. Any acute care medications are taken to their local pharmacy or sent to their local pharmacy to be filled right away. All meds on the formulary for acute care will be covered provided that the quantity limits are followed. Anything outside of the limits will result in fees occurred by the patient

CHRONIC- chronic medications will be filled within three to five business days and those have to be done by mail order. Prescriptions for chronic medications cannot be filled at the pharmacy and remain free. The pharmacy does also offer expedited shipping if the patient requests and they would have to pay that amount.

What carrier does the pharmacy use to ship meds?

The pharmacy utilizes USPS as its primary shipping partner. In the event of expedited shipping being requested by the patient that will be shipped by FedEx also that fee would be the responsibility of the patient. $15.99 would be a two-day shipping turnaround time.

How does the pharmacy collect money for any meds that are filled?

Pharmacy fills only the drugs that are on the formulary allowing them to be free. Any meds that are not on the formulary or are outside of the limits of the formulary will not be filled for the patient as the pharmacy does not collect any extra money for the medications. They only collect money for expedited shipping and that would of course be upon the patient reaching out and requesting that service.

What would be the steps to fill a medication for a patient?

NEW RX – the patient can have a doctor transmit a new prescription to America’s source provided that it is a chronic medication and on formulary. That can be done via transmission from our electronic health record (ERX) or if the patient is seeing their provider, they can also let that provider know to send the information to America’s Pharmacy Source and provide them with their phone or fax number.  Their doctor can also send it by ERX. 

TRANSFER EXISTING RX - if the member already has an existing prescription on file with a local pharmacy and they would like to transfer it to America’s pharmacy source they would need to call America’s pharmacy source and give them the information of the pharmacy where the RX is currently filled at.  They should have the pharmacy name, the phone number, and the name of the medication ready when they call.

Need to track your shipment or have a question about delivery?

Need help tracking your order or have a question about delivery? Contact our fulfillment center at 1-855-418-5961.

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