Desktop Portal Booking an Appointment Instructions


The Wellness Company just made our 24-hour 7-day-a-week service even more convenient. You can now also meet from your desktop computer through our safe, secure, online portal.



          1. 1. Begin by going to:  and log in using the email and password you created during the registration process. If this is your first time using virtual care at The Wellness Company, refer to the Desktop Registration Instructions page to get started.
  1. 2. To book an appointment, review the service options provided and select the service that best describes the purpose of your visit.
  1. 3. Read the disclaimer and select the box and "Continue" to confirm you are not experiencing any form of a life-threatening emergency.
  1. 4. Complete the Pre-Consult Questionnaire to the best of your knowledge and select "Continue" and "Save".
  1. 5. In the space provided, briefly describe your medical concerns and the reason for your visit. Select "Save" to "Continue".
  • 6. In the space provided, briefly describe your medical concerns and the reason for your visit. Select "Save" and "Continue".
  • 7. Using the drop box menu, select the State that you are currently in. Select "Submit".
    • 8. A list of available providers in the State will be displayed, select "View Profile" to review their profiles.If no providers are currently available, please email with the subject line "Availability" and a Wellness Company team member will assist you in finding a provider as soon as possible.
  1. 9. Once you’ve selected your provider, select "Schedule" to view their availability.
  1. 10. Using the drop-down menu, select a date and time that best meets your needs and select "Next" to continue.
  1. 11. Carefully read our "Release of Medical Information" document. Select "Authorize" if you consent to the release of your protected health information to The Wellness Company. Select "Skip for now" if you do not authorize The Wellness Company to pull your Protected Health Information. You can opt in at a later time.
  1. 12. Using your mouse, sign the Medical Release form to authorize The Wellness Company to retrieve your medical records. Select "Done" to submit your signature.

13. Your provider will need to confirm your identity to complete your telehealth service.

  • Input your mailing address in the space provided.
    Take a picture of your government ID and save it on our device.
  • Select “Choose File” to upload the image of your government ID.
  • Take an unobstructed selfie while holding the same government ID used in the previous step.
  • Select "Choose File" to upload the saved image of your selfie with your government ID.
  • Select "Next" to continue

14. Input the credit card number, expiration date, and CVC for your credit card. Select "Make Payment" to reserve your appointment.

15. Your appointment is now confirmed! You will receive a text message to your mobile number and email addresses confirming your appointment. Select the box to confirm you understand the three steps that are necessary to attend your appointment and select "Ok" to be directed back to the portal homepage.

If you are still experiencing issues during booking an appointment, please contact our Customer Support.

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