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Personalized insights to feel your best.

Despite differences in ages, income, and health: almost all Americans have at least one nutritional deficiency that's affecting their health (NIH). Worse, over 33% Americans suffer from metabolic syndromes (Mayo Clinic).

The Optimal Wellness consult targets common health conditions such as pre-diabetes / diabetes, anemia, thyroid disease, and common vitamin deficiencies. Manage and reverse these conditions through diet, lifestyle changes, and nutrient supplementation.

Live life to the fullest. With our Baseline Wellness Labs, you'll understand your biomarkers for multiple diseases, vitamin levels, be able to measure improvement over time.

DISCLAIMER: If you have chest pains, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, or suspect you may have blood clots; immediately seek in-person emergency care. These conditions cannot be treated via telehealth.

Designed by Doctors, Not Pharma Companies

The Chief Medical Board designed this treatment protocol based on their clinical experiences tackling nutritional imbalances.

When you purchase this consult you will have access to:

Baseline Wellness Lab Panels designed by the Chief Medical Board, with at-home collection to analyze disease biomarkers, vitamin levels, and show before-and-after results of a targeted nutraceutical program. All lab panels will be invoiced directly to customers at our cost, we will never profit off testing to guide treatment plans.

Doctors and medical providers trained by our Chief Medical Team to provide trusted expert analysis of the Baseline Wellness Lab Panel, recommendations for wellness-enhancing supplements, lifestyle changes, and insights into your health needs.

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1Wellness includes UNLIMITED virtual care consults.

Any lab work is invoiced to customers at our cost. We never profit off of testing to guide treatment.

Questions about your appointment? Email the TWC team.

*Disclaimer: we cannot give recommendations or medical advice. 

How do metabolic syndrome & nutritional deficiencies affect me?

According to the NIH, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Mayo Clinic:

  • - 90% of Americans are deficient in potassium
  • - 34% have at least early-stage metabolic disease
  • - 70% are deficient in calcium
  • - 80% are deficient in vitamin E
  • - 50% of Americans are deficient in vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium
  • - Over 50% are vitamin D deficient, regardless of age, rising to 90% vitamin D deficiency in Americans of color
  • - 70% of elderly Americans are vitamin D deficient


The most common risks and conditions:

- Heart attack
- Stroke
- Type 2 Diabetes
- Hair Loss
- Muscle cramps or twitches
- Diarrhea
- Joint pain, swelling, muscle loss
- Low energy
- Easily bruised
- Rash
- Sluggish cognition

TWC Virtual Care

Cancellations and No-Show Appointments: If you booked an appointment through The Wellness Company, you will have twenty-four (24) hours before the appointment to cancel. Cancellations less than twenty-four (24) hours before the appointments or appointment no-shows will result in a fee of $30.00. Please contact support@twc.health to reschedule or if you are unable to connect with your provider

Refunds: Virtual Health consultation treatments, recommendations, prescriptions and outcomes are at the sole discretion of the medical professional treating you. No refunds will be given because you do not agree with the decisions of the provider nor are refunds given if you are pursuing services which are not a defined TWC consult type. Medical vaccine exemption outcomes are at the sole discretion of the medical professional treating you. Medical exemptions must be medically necessary and will not be refunded if there is no justifiable medical reason for the provider to write an exemption. You are paying for the provider’s time to assess your medical needs and make the best determination for your health in their professional judgement.

Disclaimer: The Wellness Company does not accept insurance, state or Federal payors; we are cash-pay only. Consultation costs do not include prescription prices; your chosen pharmacy will invoice you for any medications and these may be covered by your insurance. Virtual care services are available in the USA only.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911 and seek in-person care. If your condition is not acute in nature or covered by a named service type by The Wellness Company, please seek help from an in-person provider.

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