TWC App Booking Instructions


Download our free mobile app to gain prompt access to a trusted medical provider, obtain prescriptions, access your fully-secured digital medical records, and access our continuity of care services. 




Step 1. Download the app: The Wellness Company on the App Store ( or The Wellness Company - Apps on (Google Play)

Step 2. Register using the same email you used on TWC.Health. Refer to TWC App Registration Instructions to guide you on how to register on The Wellness Company app.

Step 3. Once the registration process is complete, select "Book an Appointment" and "Next".

Step 4. Read the disclaimer and select "Continue" if you are not experiencing any form of a life-threatening emergency.

Step 5. Review the service options provided and select the service that best describes the purpose of your visit. Provide additional information that further explains your medical concerns, select "Next".

Step 6. Complete the questionnaire and select the box to certify that the information you provided is correct to the best of your knowledge and belief. Select "Next" to continue.

Step 7. A list of the available providers in your State will be displayed, review and select your desired provider. Select "Schedule an appointment"

If no providers are currently available, please email with the subject line "Availability" and a Wellness Company team member will assist you in finding a provider as soon as possible.

Step 8. Once you've selected your provider, select "Select Appointment time" and your provider's next available appointment dates and times will appear. Decide the best slot for your needs and select "Done" and then "Next" to continue.

Step 9.

A. Select "Authorize" if you consent to the release of your protected health information to The Wellness Company. Select "Skip for now" if you do not authorize The Wellness Company to pull your Protected Health Information. You can opt-in at a later time.

B. After reviewing The Wellness Company's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, select "Edit the signature".

C. Using your finger, sign the medical release form to authorize The Wellness Company to retrieve your medical records. Then select "Save".

D. Select "Next" to submit your signature.





Step 10. Your provider will need to confirm your identity to complete your telehealth service. Select "Government Photo ID" to upload a picture on your mobile camera roll or take a photo of your government photo ID.

Select "Selfie with the proof" to take an unobstructed photo of your face and ID together.

Select "Add additional Address to help retrieve all your Medical Records" to provide your full address.

After providing your full address, select "Update" and then "Next" to proceed to the next screen.

Step 11. Input the cardholder name and billing info for your preferred credit card and select "Make Payment" to reserve your appointment.

Step 12. Your appointment is now confirmed! You will receive an app notification and text message to the mobile number provided confirming your appointment. A reminder will be sent as the date and time of your appointment approaches.

Select the box to confirm you understand the three steps that are necessary to attend your appointment, and select "Ok".


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