TWC App Registration Instructions


Download our free mobile app to gain access to your fully-secured digital medical records, choose your wellness provider, and gain access to our continuity of care services. 




Step 1. Download the app: The Wellness Company on the App Store ( or The Wellness Company - Apps on (Google Play)


Step 2. Once the app has been downloaded, select "Register", and provide your mobile number to validate your identity and account. Select "Next".


Step 3. Register using the same email used on TWC.Health to ensure your account is linked to your app profile, select "Next".


Step 4. Select "Looks Good, Proceed" after confirming your phone number and email address are correct. Create your password while meeting the four password requirements, select "Next".


Step 5. A six-digit numerical code will be sent to the mobile number provided in Step 2. Once requested, the code will expire in 10 minutes. After successfully inputting your one-time password, select "Ok".

Step 6. Create a 4-digit pin that will be used each time you log in to your app profile. Select "Done".


Step 7. Your registration process is now complete, you will now have access to our treatment packages, book an appointment, pull your medical history, and more!



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