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Take your heath into your own hands - and access acclaimed products and medical services designed by doctors who aren't woke.

Accidents happen - take The Wellness Company's First Aid Kit with you anywhere you go!

The Wellness Company's prescription-only First Aid Kit provides you with a carefully selected assortment of vital medications, and First Aid kit essentials preparing you for those unforseen emergencies.

Don't get caught unprepared - have The Wellness Company's Travel Emergency Kit with you on the go!

Our kit contains 16 travel & over the counter medications including things like: Mupirocin, bandages, Iodine wipes, Cephalexin and more!

The revolutionary Spike Support formula contains ingredients researched to for their ability to combat spike protein in-vitro. Keep your body at peak condition after an infection and guard against shedding.

Be prepared for the next crisis. Keep a Medical Emergency Kit in your medicine cabinet.

Get a prescription for medication needed for your survival: Ivermectin, Z-Pack, Amoxicillin, & more – just in case.

Wellness Members save $50.

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"We refuse to profit from your sickness.
Join the fight for medical freedom by supporting TWC — a company focused on your Wellness with incredible doctors, treatments, and products."

Dr. Peter A. McCullough
Chief Scientific Officer

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