Dr. William Makis, MD, FRCPC

Chief of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology The Wellness Company Canada


From Dr. Makis:

"I joined TWC Canada for the unique opportunity to work with brilliant, ethical doctors, scientists and individuals who are committed to bringing back the ethical practice of medicine and restoring trust in the medical profession." 

 "I have always put patients first, and my goal is to continue serving patients and the public as an ethical healthcare professional, as an educator and a patient advocate, to provide the highest quality care." 


"The Wellness Company has an incredible team and a unique vision for a bright new future for medicine, a future that we can all look forward to with excitement and hope." 



About Dr. Makis 

Dr.William Makis MD, FRCPC is a physician living in Edmonton, Alberta. He obtained an Immunology degree at University of Toronto where he was a top scholarship recipient, and graduated from McGill University School of Medicine in 2005, with specialty training in Nuclear Medicine Radiology and Oncology. 


Dr.Makis has internationally renowned expertise in cutting edge cancer treatments for end stage cancer patients. He ran one of the largest Targeted Radionuclide Therapy Cancer Clinics in North America and diagnosed over 10,000 cancer patients in his career with state of the art diagnostics such as PET/CT. 


Dr.Makis is also a cancer researcher with over 100 peer-reviewed publications in international medical journals, as well as a best selling author on substack. He has been fighting corruption in Canada’s healthcare system for many years, and today he is working hard to help transform our healthcare system, by bringing back trust, honesty and medical ethics, and advocating for patients and their families who have been harmed by the system. 




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