Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription?

Yes! The medications in the COVID Emergency Kit are prescription-only. But don't worry - follow the instructions in the link after purchase (also emailed to you) to receive your 5-minute questionnaire needed for your script consult.

Still can't find the link? No problem - just go to and complete the 5-minute questionnaire.

Is The Wellness Company COVID Emergency Kit covered by insurance?

No, The Wellness Company does not accept any type of health insurance or 3rd party payors.

Can I request a specific medication when placing an order?

The Wellness Company does not currently offer the option to swap specific medications or place partial orders for antibiotic kits. However, you can schedule a Virtual Care consultation through our care portal at to speak with a provider about another prescription. Your provider will be able to provide further assistance and guidance based on your specific needs and concerns. *If you have an allergy to any of the medications it will be omitted from the kit and not substituted for anything else.

How do I receive a virtual care consultation to receive my COVID Emergency Kit?

After purchasing The Wellness Company COVID Emergency Kit, you presented a link to to validate your purchase using your email. Then, fill out a short intake questionnaire and a doctor will review your suitability and place your script. No face-to-face visit necessary.

For further assistance, contact our Customer Support team at

Can I share my kit with family members?

The Wellness Company only offers individual kits that are prescribed to the specific individual to whom the medication is intended. The prescribed medications take into account the individual's answers on the intake form, including any noted allergies. It is crucial to consider these allergies and prevent others from using medications that may pose a risk to them. The emergency antibiotics should be handled with the same caution as any other prescription medication prescribed by a physician. It is important to adhere to the prescribed usage guidelines and avoid sharing the kit with family members unless explicitly advised to do so by a healthcare professional.

Does The Wellness Company accept HSA cards?

While The Wellness Company generally accepts HSA (Health Savings Account) cards, it's important to check with your insurance provider before attempting to use your card. Some insurance plans may have specific requirements, such as an itemized cost breakdown for each medication, which The Wellness Company may not be able to provide. We encourage you to verify with your insurance provider regarding their guidelines and coverage for using HSA cards.

What is the shelf life of medications in The Wellness Company COVID Emergency Kit?

The FDA requires pharmacies to label prescription medications with an expiration date, which can be found on the prescription included in your kit. While the duration of the expiration date can vary depending on the medication and formulation, most medications, including antibiotics, commonly have a shelf life of around 2 years. To optimize the shelf life of medications, it is generally recommended to store them in air-tight containers in a cool and dry environment. However, it's important to note that storage requirements can vary for different medications, so it is advisable to consult with your healthcare professional regarding proper storage conditions.


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