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Foster Coulson, Chairman & CEO

Foster is a forward-thinking entrepreneur who is never complacent and is passionate about changing the world – an experienced innovator with a proven track record when it comes to positively disrupting the status quo in multiple industries, sectors, and businesses.

Starting in forestry, Foster wasn’t satisfied with the traditional wood products West Coast mills had been producing for decades. Therefore, his first start-up focused on engineered cladding – the first innovated wood siding product in the industry. He created a more affordable and stable product for consumers around the world, while at the same time saving thousands of trees.

After divesting of the engineered wood products business, Foster then joined his family’s aerial firefighting business working along side his father and brother to expand operations and global footprint to become not only the largest, but the most technologically advanced firefighting operation in the modern world.

During the same period Foster was engaged in Aviation, Foster’s passion for low environmental impact and worker health and safety thrust him into spearheading a company focused on revolutionizing the industrial cleaning industry through a patented product line that used Ice made from water for industrial cleaning applications.

Foster founded The Wellness Company in 2022.


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