Get a prescription for medication needed for treating COVID and more: hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, zithromycin, and budesonide – just in case.

PLUS receive a free bottle of Z-Stack with your purchase –
a $59 savings!

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COVID treatment straight from Dr. Zelenko's playbook.

  • This prescription-only COVID Emergency Kit provides you with a carefully selected assortment of proven medications to get you through it – backed by the research of experts like Dr. Zelenko.

    Our kit ensures quick, low-cost access to proven treatments like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, generic Z-Pak, and Budesonide with a nebulizer, along with a guidebook for safe emergency use.

  • This kit is normally priced at $299, but as a Z-stack customer, you'll save $49. PLUS we're including a free bottle of Z-Stack with your order for a limited time (a $59.99 value).

4 safe & effective emergency medications for treatment of COVID.


Includes a FREE nebulizer for direct delivery of inhaled Budesonide treatment (a $45 value)!

The Wellness Company's COVID Emergency Kit provides essential treatment options and peace of mind.

Face COVID with confidence, clarity, and cost savings – guided by our COVID Emergency Guidebook's step-by-step instructions included in the kit. This kit is developed based on extensive research and expertise of experts, including Dr. Peter McCullough's science-backed protocols.

After completing your order, you'll need to complete our easy intake process to recieve your prescription. Then, you'll receive these essential medications with an easy-to-understand guidebook to aid you in their safe use.

Each kit is purposefully designed as an emergency COVID kit tailored for ONE ADULT, ensuring you have peace of mind when it's needed the most.

Order your kit, then check your email for how to complete the easy intake process.

From $299.99 / Members $249.99

The Wellness Company COVID Emergency Kit contains everything you need to begin treatment for COVID as prescribed by one of our medical providers.


200mg – 20 tablets


18mg – 7 capsules


(Zithromycin) 6 tablets


0.5mg – 10 vials
plus Nebulizer (included)

Plus free Z-Stack

Dr. Zelenko's revolutionary formula strengthens your immune system naturally with zinc, quercetin, plus Vitamins C and D – helping you be more ready for whatever gets thrown at you next.

Alone, Z-Stack is priced at $59.99 – and you'll receive it free with your purchase through this limited-time offer.

Total savings through this offer: $110.


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