Freedom From Big Pharma

Helping you address chronic dependencies with the Freedom From Pharma Membership.


Our Doctors of Pharmacy have a variety of professional resources at their disposal to help you de-prescribe from the costs and risks of pharmaceuticals.


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Receive personal coaching

Develop an ongoing relationship with a trusted medical professional who understands Big Pharma's agenda.

Develop a plan

Wellness looks different for everyone. Work with your doctor to create a roadmap unique to your needs.

Achieve your goals

Your Doctor of Pharmacy will help you reach your goals and include a team of specialists along the way.

Restore your trust in healthcare.

All providers and treatments are reviewed by our Chief Medical Board – experts who believe in real science, not political science.

Our pharmacies are different.

When used correctly, pharmaceuticals are a powerful tool. Receive generic versions of your brand-name prescriptions with zero markup.

Are you taking pharmaceuticals to address any of the following?

  • Losing weight & improving diet
  • Building immunity
    Managing blood pressure & hypertension
    Coping with pain without narcotics
    Combating the effects of anxiety & depression
  • Detox'ing
  • Reducing migraines
  • Getting better sleep
    Address respiratory syndromes
    Making positive changes to your lifestyle

Get the support you need for $79.99 per month.

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Meet your personal Doctor of Pharmacy

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Develop a deprescribing plan

Get a personalized roadmap to achieve your wellness goals.


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